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Welcome to Evernote Resources for Teachers

This wiki is designed to help the Sandwich School District teachers using Evernote as part of the new Teacher Evaluation process. It contains Evernote Resources to get you started or to enhance your skills.

Link to Evaluation Documents


Educator Collection Evidence Form (doc)
Educator Collection Evidence Form (pdf)
Educator Plan Form
Educator Response Form
Evaluation Record of Evidence Form
Evaluator Tracking Sheet
Observation Feedback Form
Self Assessment Form
Goal Setting Form
*New Goal Setting Form(PDF)
*New Goal Setting Form (Word Doc)


End of Cycle Progress Report
Formative Assessment Report Form
Formative Evaluation Report Form
Mid Cycle Goals Progress Report
Summative Evaluation Report Form

How to Create an Evernote Account

Directions to create your free Evernote Account
Create an Evernote account here

How to Log in to your Evernote Account

Directions to log in to your account
Log in to Evernote here

How to Create a Note in Evernote

Directions to create a note
Video Directions to create new Self Assessment Form, Educator Plan form, etc. year after year.

Note Basics (Insert Link, Copy, Edit, Email, Share, & Print Notes)

Note Basics

How to Add an Image in Evernote

How to add an image in Evernote - Video Instructions

Notebook Set-up for Evaluation Explanation

Notebook Set-up Explanation Directions
Notebook Set-up Explanation Video

Naming Cheat Sheet

Directionsfor naming notes (evidence for standards and SMART goals, as well as Observation Feedback Forms)


Specialized Instructional Support Personnel
Teacher Rubric
Nurses Rubric

Additional Resources on Evernote website

Getting Started with Evernote Web
Essential Evernote Terms

Evernote Clipper
How to use Evernote Clipper

Evernote Clearly

Getting Started w/Evernote Clearly

Evernote Desktop External Resource Links

Getting Started with Evernote-Introduction
Installing Evernote
Creating Evernote Account
Creating A Note
Adding an Image
Understanding Syncing
Saving Web Content
Setting Reminders
Using Search